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Updated: Oct 26, 2018

I remember the time, when I was a 9 yr old chubby girl... watching my slim and athletic aunt do her headstand and said.. "Khali doka var pai" (Marathi words that translate to "Head is down, Feet are up")....

Although it seemed all uphside down, I very softly thought to myself back then.. If one can stand on their head and hands, then "Why do we always stand on our feet"? Just a fleeting thought.... and I let it pass :) Years passed, and her inspiration lived on in my heart, that pushed me to be athletic and strong like her..

So thinking about it now, our feet are the smallest most delicate joint in all of our standing skeleton! So why do we rely on them to bear our weight every hour, every minute and every second of our life?

We don’t isn’t it! We sit most of the time 😉

😂 So we sit on our sit bones, and use our head for what's inside it: doing lots of mental work every hour, min and second of our life 😁

My dad always said: Our body is like a machine.. it needs to be oiled, cleaned, run and kept in tip top shape ..

We try to keep our cars, mobile phones, laptops, other gadgets we 💕 in tip top shape.. so we get optimum mileage, use and life from them..

What about our body?

Maybe there are reasons why we don’t use our heads to stand on every hour of our life 😂, but why not see what happens when we do once in a while?

Maybe that will run an “unused path” an “untraveled road” inside our physiology, and open up a new perspective.

Maybe even kindle peace in the midst of the storm of fear...

If this is not for us, we could simply stand on our sit-bones, and try to move around 💪like my grandma did as she had lost all sensation in her legs in her old age..

Some think of it as a ”sign” of disability (a learned conclusion that), but as my son was a star bottom shuffler 1 yr old, I think it's a pretty smart thing to do 😉

When a baby‘s brain figures out core strength, lower body strength, how they combine to create movement.. This is no more Simply A brilliant use of our resources 🤩

My aunt was such an accomplished Cricket Player: Spin Bowler and Batswoman in Indian Cricket Team: Arjuna Award winner, with Chatrapati award fame... has the most loving friends, and has been selflessly committed to her parents all of their life... She still lives a very well balanced life, loves her work, her home and enjoys everything that she is😘

A well rounded personality, with a lot of achievements in her pockets, and yet, so down to earth...

I think I have a hint why..

She regularly practices “The practice” of ”Breaking up the patterns“:

So nothing in her life can grow out of proportions..

Not her body.. or her stress.. or her EGO.. or her attachments.. everything stays in a clean balance in her mind and hence in her reality.

The Practice of reversing the patterns of the day (Patterns like: Eyes staring at the screen, neck and upper body hunching over our work, sitting in chairs, Walking on feet, using hands to eat, bathe, dress).. forms the basis of the physical aspect of Yoga.

Imagine dressing with ur toes for 1 day :) and if u actually try it 👏👏👏 U might see that it builds a whole bunch of perseverance, creativity and self love in just that 1 brainless, unlearned behavior of the day 💪 (that 1 day of a 'Yoga' Practice)!

Ashtanga Yoga Principles start us on the path of 'recognizing a pattern' and then 'Breaking the pattern' each day. They train us to take functional control of our body movements (Asana), breath (Pranayama), thoughts (Yama, Niyama), in our response to thoughts (Dharana, Dhyana)!

The process of us unlearning the imprints of early life conditioning and environments is a continuous process of unfolding that takes us towards our True nature.

The last limb of Ashtanga Yoga: Samadhi (Enlightenment), a stage where in theory, we would be: one with all that exists.

As a young girl loving color in her world i thought of it like this..

I am originally a pure soul (untainted white color like an angel) 💫

So when I interact with people, surroundings or things: if I ask myself “How am I today” am sure to feel the serene and cool sensations of being at peace.👼🏻

Now, if I turn Red (angry) at myself or others or situations: I am no more untainted white inside. But rather a red/pink tinge imbues inside of me...

Now if I ask myself: “How am I”?

The burn of anger might find it’s expression inside of me. I am now tainted in Red🧞‍♀️

I may find outward expression of this, suppress it inside, or choose to mellow out my anger at its root: Choice is fully mine! And recognizing this can take us 1 step forward to the ’Angel’ within, and 1 step back from the ‘Naragasura’ also within 😁

If something in this world is 'irritating'

Then it's our nature of creating irritation towards that pattern of occurrence, that is causing our mind to create thoughts of irritation, and hence that same feeling.

Never getting irritated, angry, frustrated, nervous, stressed, impatient and still staying on track with our daily chores and work!

Can I get there ?

It took me that initial imagination of “What it would be if I do”?

"I see me smile, and smile *eff forever when I get there"

So, maybe the Ocean is large and deep.. But first, "Let me take the Plunge!"

For i know, once I learn to swim, the way maybe long, but I will be more of who I truly am!

*eff: effortlessly

|| Sukham Sthiram Asanam ||

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