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I’m the owner (+receptionist +teacher + Interior Decorator + landscaper + janitor) here at Just a Piece of Life. 

​I am a Firmware Engineer by education (Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering), and have worked for companies like Siemens, IBM, Intel, Lenovo for a total of 16 plus years :) So now.... Yoga????

As a child, I found it hard to 'like' 'ME': Although I didn''t even know what 'Me' is: My Body? My thinking? My Feelings? what people say about me? I just knew that people said "I'm Shy", people said "I'm heavy" kids mocked me, and did the PE Teachers !

So here "I" was,  a shy and obese child and teenager, grown up to be a nervous yet hardworking and talented engineer, singer, artist and sensitive friend.  I knew I was gifted in some ways, but also had hesitations and low self esteem.

Which means I had a habit of seeing negatives, and not being kind to myself. This was working against me, and I didn't even know!

I was 7 yrs old when I saw my aunt (now an overachiever in Indian and International Women's Cricket Association)  practice Iyengar Yoga...

Her Headstand posture intrigued me the most in that it broke so many assumptions of day to day habit ! But I could always "never give up"... so through various meandering paths... after many years of trying various exercise regimes and self help books and gurus, I finally found *Yoga* and THEN there was no turning back!

​All through my jobs and pregnancies, Yoga taught me to accept myself as is, appreciate what I had, to take care of it and build mental, emotional and physical strength!! My friends from college were amazed to see the difference :) They couldn't recognize this *new* person :) Confident and outgoing! Always put together and filled with energy :)

KIDS! U get all of my harrrd work for free, if you roll up the mat with me :)

​Little one! U are meant to be a Radiant Spark of Life!!!

Know that when you let it be, your inner giant shines!

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4133 Plum Branch Drive, Cary

NC - 27519. 


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