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Dear Mom/Dad,

Thank you for letting me take yoga classes.

I really love them, even if my teacher says I misbehave sometimes.

Having something just for me, like yoga, makes me feel special. Yoga makes me feel funny.


Let me explain. When I'm in yoga, it's like all I hear is my breath, and I'm not thinking of anything else but the pose I'm doing. Especially not school stuff. Sometimes I feel like I could hold a pose all day ! It's really cool.

Yoga makes me feel focused and calm, and I don't get to feel like that very often.


I use my yoga breathing or meditation when I'm nervous or upset outside of class too. It helps..

I learn about my body too, like body parts, muscles, and how they work. I also learn how the poses we do are good for me.

It's never boring (like school can be sometimes) because we learn through games, stories, songs, and working together to make cool shapes! 

I think you should try yoga too. What's good for me is good for you! I want you to feel as good as I do and be really healthy. Maybe yoga would help you want to play with me more, or able to listen better when I tell you about my day. Yoga has helped ME learn to pay attention. It's how I know even YOU need a chill pill or a "timeout" now and then..

Will you try yoga for me, for you, for our family ?

Namaste ("The good things in me see the good things in you.") ,
Your little yogi

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Connect with us!


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