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I am 'Very' Serious when it comes to Certifications in Wellness industry!!!

To make sure I feel not only safe but on top of my game guiding kids with their Yoga, I went ahead and took the 200 Hr Yoga Teachers Training in March of 2018.

And now...Kids Yoga Training!

My fascination with stories and abilities in Story Telling with loud animations :) led me to pursue Cosmic Kids Yoga Certification!

My love for music and vocal capacities found me sing Soprano in School Choir, represent my house in Singing competitions! But singing to soothe the mind and heart is what moves me most! So I was delighted to find and thoroughly enjoy the "Kidding Around Yoga" Training!!!

But the Training that fueled this ALL was Integrative Nutrition Health Coach degree which opened me up to serve with all I have!

Managed all of these trainings and their studying and practicing side by side with my full time job, with relentless focus on thorough education to fuel my passion !

Yogash Citta Vritti Nirodaha

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Fun Yoga for Kids & Family


4133 Plum Branch Drive, Cary

NC - 27519. 


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