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What is Kids Yoga

Doing Yoga is not about being the Bendiest person in town :)

Also *not* about doing a full split, a headstand, handstand, arm balances or those fancy shmancy cartwheels..  NO!!!

In the Yoga scriptures the word Yoga literally means "Union". Union of What?

Body, Mind and Breath.

When we perform yoga postures with complete awareness of the sensations and positioning of the body in space (by shutting off the world captured by our senses) and awareness and acceptance of contents of the mind...

When we engage our breath to lead each movement and flow, we are operating in Yoga (Union of body, mind and breath).

If humans start reaping the benefits of this union at an early stage in life (If our Kids do Yoga :) ), they will grow up to be more in tune with their true calm, loving, harmonizing nature and less  caught up in their internal mess of thoughts, emotions, prejudices and expectations. So they will struggle less, be more blissful, have beautiful relationships and create fruitful lives!!!

Such a life will be so rewarding and meaningful, it will be gone blissfully in a 'poof'..

While a forcefully structured life, trying to meet standards and benchmarks: will drag on forever, or maybe end prematurely in pain.

For my own practice and for the kids, I aspire to follow the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali

Patanjali's eight-fold path (Ashtanga Yoga) offers guidelines for a meaningful and purposeful life. Here are the 8 parts:

1. Asana (Physical Postures),

2. Pranayama (Breathing techniques),

3. Pratyahara (Turning off Senses)

4. Yama       (Ethical Considerations),

5. Niyama (Observances / discipline),

6. Dharana (Concentration),

7. Dhyana (Meditation), 8. Samadhi (Enlightenment)

We make it so much fun!! Kids jump right in !!!

Sample Class:  Kidding Around Yoga on Vimeo


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