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Preschool Kids Yoga Classes

Listen, Learn, Love

At this age, it's all about moving our bodies ... we love the Obstacle Course!!! With Simple activities like Feather and Scarf Juggling, Balance Beam walking with Beanie Babies, Hopping across stepping stones with Beanie Babies on our heads !  We love jogging through the jungle, Marching to and fro, Skipping along, prancing on toy unicorns :) and freely playing with Dancing Ribbons to stretch and relax our bodies and minds!

Yoga for our toes is too much fun with colorful pom poms, that we also create art with!

We do spend time on our mats learning simple yoga poses which we then use to act out a story that I either read or tell, or use in silly musical activities (like "Head, Shoulders, Yoga Pose", Row Row your Boat, Incy Wincy Spider etc.).

We also practice partner yoga poses with our friends and play group games like "Yogi Says" and "Red Light, Green Light, Tree".

We're great meditators too!


Specially in large groups and we calm our bodies at the end of class as our mat turns into a fluffy white cloud, taking us to a Happy Place we build during a few minutes in Shavasana.

Connect with us!


Fun Yoga for Kids & Family


4133 Plum Branch Drive, Cary

NC - 27519. 


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