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Teen Yoga Classes

Explore, Encounter, Express

Most Kids and Teens can grow up to base their Self Image, likes and dislikes, things they want to achieve even, on what other 'more significant' people think of them.

This kind of low 'self esteem' or 'understanding of Self' can lead them down a path *not so willing* in the early years of adult life. Then things like 'reputation', 'money' and 'safety' may take the place of creating a Life worth Living!  We do not want to send them down this rabbit hole of loss and regret..


So, Yoga class for these kids is going to be  a 'space' away from social and school pressures, and will give them a chance to self- assess: "What am I good at?", "What do I like about myself"? "What inspires me", "What am I *not* good at" ?

I'm certified to teach Adults as well as Kids, so am able to safely as well as creatively offer a class that focuses on:


Empowering teens to own and control their own experiences

We will begin the class with a short guided meditation to bring them from being stuck in the mind, to dive into the body and breath. They will have chances to brainstorm their own private answers to questions like "Who am I", "What can I give to the world" in an accepting, non-judgemental environment.

The experience of playing games with peers (after having meditated, sun saluted, and thanked the universe for it's Bounty!) *can* teach survival lessons, a sporting spirit that drives home many a life lessons. Negative thinking can only drive us out the ground, so games help uncover hidden jewels of 'talent' and 'goodness' !!!

Encourage teens to share their skills and life experiences with peers. You never know how many fans and friends are out there, hidden, till you begin to speak your heart out :)

Balancing mind and body

Usually Teens work way harder with their minds than bodies! Also, during sleep, our unconscious mind is still at work. It never rests!!!

To bring balance, Class always ends with a *15 min long* deep relaxation with visualization. This time stimulates your child's imagination, taps into their mind bank of 'good' memories!

Lying on their back with palms open, and using the eye pillow and can help them receive the energy of the universe, while engaging the oculocardia reflex (another trigger for deep relaxation :) )

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