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Tween Yoga Classes

For tween classes, we still play games (like "Yoga Jenga" and "Yoga Pick-Up Sticks"), practice partner and group poses, and work on mindful activities and breathing techniques to help maintain balance, focus, and a sense of calm ... but we also start to transition to an actual adult yoga class with longer flows and poses focused on specific body parts (poses aimed at opening the hips, strengthening the core, deepening flexibility, etc.).

Tween Kids Yoga Classes (11 - 13yr olds)

Tackle, Taste, Transform

Kids this age still enjoy Partner Yoga Poses, and playing Jenga, Yogafied Pick up Sticks to practice Gratitude, along with longer flows of Yoga Sequences and challenging peak poses that strengthen and stretch specific body parts (opening hips, strengthening core, stretching hamstrings). Balance, Focus and calm are the 3 point Goal of our class.

We can now understand basic Human anatomy very well and can relate to the physiology of breathing and relaxation. the Science of Our Body, Mind and ...Yoga :) can be good reminder for us to stay on a path of Health :)

Practical use of Relaxation and Breathing techniques can be followed if we decide !

This age enjoys and benefits from doing mindful activities like walking meditations, glitter jar meditation, stacking stones, coloring mandalas that help them feel focused, in control and calm.

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