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Hi, I'm Taruna!



I’m the owner+receptionist +teacher + Interior Decorator + landscaper + janitor here at
Just a Piece of Life.

I am a Firmware Engineer by education  and have worked for companies like Siemens, IBM, Intel, Lenovo for a total of 13 some years..
So now.... Yoga ?? psst.... A Sample Kids Yoga Class

Our Mission

Little one! U are meant to be a Radiant Spark of Life!!!

Know that when you let it be, your inner giant shines!

Just a Piece of Life is imaginative and fun yoga for children aged 2½ to 12 years, and their family

Yoga is an activity that benefits physical, mental, emotional and energetic development and overall  well-being of the Yogi :)

Rooting in Self Acceptance, growing their talents, sharing fruits with an open heart, and no fear of failure, kids will ace all they undertake!

Academics, Sports, Creative and Performing Arts, Anything! 

Our Mission @Just a Piece of Life is to provide tools to the future of today, for a meaningful and purposeful life.

This is how we do it !

Give your child tools to control stress.

Breathing exercises and deep relaxation with visualization are an integral part of each class. We correct the reverse breathing habit in most kids that results in perpetuating that stress hormone! Your child will learn how to use these breathing techniques to slow down his heart rate and see how that calms his mind in times of anxiety, distraction, stress, fear and anger.

Give your child physical strength, function and agility

Class activites are tailed to provide Balance, Strength,  Co-ordination and FLexibility. This means fewer accidental falls on the playground, quick reflexes and less-severe injuries: always a good deal :)


Help boost your child's confidence

With regular Yoga Practice, kids grow stronger, more coordinated and proficient in not just Yoga but also other sports and physical activities. This can boost  their overall health, self image and confidence ! And of course, I am always there, a natural cheer leader for kids at play!

Help your child self-regulate

Difficult situations often test our patience, and true strength of character ! Those whiny checkout lanes when the kid didn't get their favorite chocolate, is a test for not only the parent, but the child too! We can help the child see a reprieve or we can throw a tantrum to set the example!

This is why Breathing, Meditations, Taking that 'Pause' and enhancing behaviors that are True Human Nature: through yoga classes will help the child choose 'Right' From 'Wrong', and develop patience when things don't go their way.

Help your child feel accepted as part of a healthy, non-competitive group.

Ur child will discover that bodies are different, and different bodies do different things. And That's okay!!! Nobody is better or worse at the physical aspect of yoga ... we're all practicing and learning together. Our Class Rules posted in Classroom and revised every so often if not every class: Say Strongly that efforts to listen in class, and try your best TOP Value ! Not a single rule or instruction of teacher asks them to 'look' or 'be' perfect in any pose, or technique.

Give your child tools to enjoy all activities by doing them in total absorption.

Mindfulness is inbuilt throughout class, with games, songs and poses.

Your child will learn to focus on 1 task by engaging with almost all 5 senses :) Plus in every session of 6 weeks, there will be at least 2 weeks focused on Mindfulness.

To improve your child's concentration skills.

Concentration is expected but never taught in schools.. It's High Time !!!

I end every class with guided meditation lasting long enough for that age. This helps your child learn how to sit still (or lay still) in one place, listen and focus, lengthening his attention span. This training will automatically kick in when kids get distracted in class, on the field, crossing the road: anywhere.. Games

Yoga is a time to tap into the creativity within ! And Let it LOOSE !!!

During Yoga Stories, I encourage the children to think creatively, provide suggestions to change course etc. during and after the story..

Arts/Crafts time teaches us us to create something out of 'nothing' ! And that builds on gratitude and Santosha :)


Connect with us!


Fun Yoga for Kids & Family


4133 Plum Branch Drive, Cary

NC - 27519. 


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